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Pave the way for the vehicles of the future by providing the very best solutions for testing EV batteries, vehicles, and EV charging systems.

EV and EVSE Charging Test Solutions

Achieving compatibility and seamless interaction between various Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and the vehicles they charge is crucial for expanding the EV market. As consumers demand extended ranges and quicker charging times, it’s essential to have robust testing solutions capable of simulating high-power charging scenarios and upcoming vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technologies.

Testing Electric Vehicles (EVs) for safety, performance, and adherence to industry standards boosts market trust in your offerings. Such testing enhances the vehicles’ range, dependability, and cost-effectiveness, benefiting individual drivers and fleet managers alike.



Battery Testing Solutions

HIOKI battery testing solutions are engineered to assess the performance, durability, and safety of EV batteries. These tests are crucial for manufacturers and service providers looking to guarantee the longevity and reliability of their EV batteries under various conditions.

Key Features

  • High-Precision Testing: Measure battery capacity, resistance, voltage, and temperature with exceptional accuracy.
  • Durability Analysis: Simulate extreme conditions to test battery lifespan and performance over time, ensuring they meet the demands of Australian EV drivers.
  • Safety Compliance: Conduct safety tests including short-circuit, overcharge, thermal runaway, and penetration testing to align with Australian and international safety standards


  • Adherence to Australian Standards for battery safety and performance, including AS/NZS 5149 for refrigerating systems and heat pumps and relevant sections of AS/NZS 3000 for electrical installations.


EV Charging Station Testers

Testing Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Charger stations is crucial to ensure their efficiency, safety, and compliance with industry standards. A variety of devices are employed in this process, each serving a unique role in assessing the charger station’s performance and reliability. Key instruments include power analyzers, insulation testers, and digital multimeters, each contributing valuable insights into the charger’s functionality.

Power Analysers

  • Precision Measurement: Offer highly accurate readings of voltage, current, power factor, and harmonics, essential for evaluating the efficiency and performance of EV charging stations.
  • Harmonic Distortion Detection: Identify and quantify harmonic distortions in the power supply, crucial for maintaining power quality and preventing potential damage to the EV charging infrastructure.
  • Energy Consumption Analysis: Enable detailed monitoring and analysis of energy usage, helping to optimize the operation of EV chargers and ensure compliance with energy standards.

Insulation Testers

  • Safety Assurance: Measure the insulation resistance with high precision, detecting even minor deteriorations or faults, thereby preventing electrical hazards.
  • Long-term Reliability Monitoring: Enable ongoing assessment of insulation health, ensuring the long-term safety and reliability of EV charging stations.
  • Versatile Testing Ranges: Accommodate a wide range of testing voltages, making them suitable for various insulation materials and system requirements.

Digital Multimeters

  • Multifunctionality: Capable of measuring voltage, current, resistance, and sometimes even temperature, offering a comprehensive diagnostic tool for EV charging stations.
  • High Accuracy and Resolution: Provide precise and detailed readings, essential for effective troubleshooting and maintenance of complex electrical systems.
  • Portability and Ease of Use: Compact design and intuitive interfaces make them ideal for fieldwork, allowing technicians to perform on-site diagnostics efficiently.


  • Equipment is designed to ensure full compliance with Australian regulations, including specific local standards for EV charging infrastructure.




In partnership with HIOKI, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive testing solutions specifically tailored to meet the needs of the Australian electric vehicle (EV) market. Our range of products is designed to ensure performance, safety, and compliance with Australia’s stringent regulatory standards.

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