P755 Multi-Function Instrument for Temperature-Humidity-Airflow-Pressure

High accrate 2-channel hand­held ther­mo­meter. Max. accuracy + – 0,03°C (PT100)

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High accurate 2-channel hand­held ther­mo­meter. Max. accuracy + – 0,03°C (PT100)

Product features

  • USB interface
  • Optional DE-Graph Windows Software for graphic and tabular documentation
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Integrated calibration function for simple compensation of sensor tolerances
  • Physical 1-point, 2-point or 3-point calibration function
  • Measuring channels are freely assignable
  • Recording maximum, minimum, hold and average values
  • Integrated sensor holder for one hand operation
  • Mains operation possible
  • Simultaneous display of two measured values
  • Differential temperature display

The two multi-func­tion-instru­ments are outstanding for their high accuracy of ±0,03°C. You can optional plug in Pt100 or ther­mo­couple (type J, K, L, N, R, S, T), as well as probes for humidity and flow. The high preci­sion makes them emin­ently suit­able as refer­ence instru­ments for testing subor­dinate meas­uring instru­ments in quality assur­ance labor­at­ories or for checking temper­ature- crit­ical processes. These instru­ments are frequently provided with a DKD calib­ra­tion certi­ficate.

Technical Specifications

Inputs 2-channel, Pt100, ther­mo­couple: type K, J, L, N, R, S, T,
humidity, dewpoint, flow
Meas­uring range
Pt100 -200°C…+850°C
Ther­mo­couple according DIN (-200°C…+1760°C)
Ohm 0…400 Ohm
Humidity 0 %…100 %rH
Flow 0…40 m/​s
Pt100 ±0,03°C from -50°C…+199,99°C
±0,05°C from -200°C…+200°C
other­wise 0,05 %
Ther­mo­couple R, S ±1,0°C +0,1 %
Ther­mo­couple K, J, L, N, T ±0,2C from 0°C…+200°C
±0,5°C to 1000°C
±1,0°C remaining range
Humidity ±1,5 %rH
Flow 1 % of end value
Ohm 0,5 % of meas­uring range
Resol­u­tion 0,01°C from -200°C…+200°C
other­wise 0,1°C respect­ively 0,1 %
Connectors DIN 8-pole
Working temper­ature 0°C…+40°C
Display 2-line LCD
Housing plastic
Dimen­sions 200 x 93 x 44 mm (LxBxH)
Weight 300 g
Power supply 9 V battery
Batterie life appr. 20 h

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