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NWI Group offer all types of lab and processing instruments.


Our product range covers laboratory and process instrumentation for various industry applications.


NWI Group is a Verifying Authority for the National Measurement Institute (NMI) in Mass and Volume.


Our service and calibration offering for laboratories and process through our NATA Accreditation guarantees our commitment to correct measurement and customer satisfaction.


NWI Group holds the following Accreditations:

NATA Accredited for Mass & Weighing, Volume, DC & Low Frequency Electrical Metrology, Time & Frequency Metrology and Temperature Metrology.

NMI Trade Measurement Servicing Licence for Weighing & Mass.

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A family owned business, we have
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Accredited Company for your Equipment and Services

Choosing an accredited company like NWI ensures reliability and accuracy in measurements.

Accreditation by organisations like NATA and NMI Trade Measurement Servicing Licence demonstrates adherence to stringent quality standards. With accredited companies, you can expect consistent, reliable, and compliant results, critical for various industries reliant on precise measurements for safety and regulatory compliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NWI Instrumentation boasts a dedicated team of specialists ready to guide you through the selection of the perfect electrical instrument tailored to your unique requirements. Our experts take into account factors including voltage capacity, accuracy, environmental conditions, and intended application to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

NWI offers warranties on their weighing equipment and provides ongoing support for installation, calibration, and maintenance. Additional service charges apply.

Yes, NWI offers solutions with options for connectivity and integration with various systems and software, including data collection software and ERP systems.

Yes, NWI Weighing are able to deliver all over Australia and New Zealand.

Yes, NWI have five office locations in all major states of Australia, where pick-up can be arranged if preferable to you.



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